Addison Thompson is at Bridge House School in South Africa

It was a long flight to travel across the world, but I made it–even if my baggage did not.  I arrived in Cape Town at around 10:30 at night and then drove about an hour to my host Oliver’s house.  I immediately went to sleep because I was very tired.  The next day me and Oliver drove around the farm that he lives at and we relaxed.  The next day we meet some family friends for dinner and I meet Oliver’s older brother, Daniel, who had gone to the beach with them.  The following day was Easter Sunday and I went to Mass and a lot of family came over for Easter lunch.

On Monday we went to Cape Town and had a nice lunch to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  On Tuesday I got my school uniform and we went into Paarl, the closest town.  Wednesday was my first day of school and it was cool.  I had to try and figure out where everything was and keep up with the deluge of names and faces that came at me.  On Thursday I had my first Rugby practice. It was mostly conditioning because this is the beginning of the season.  On Friday everyone at school was excited for the Matric dance, which is their version of Senior Prom.  This is how I have spent my first week in South Africa.