Addison Thompson from Cape Town

I have had a hectic week in South Africa. That is what the South Africans say instead of crazy or intense, hectic. School has been fun.  To get a taste of something new I am taking interesting classes that Athenian does not offer. We did not do much during the week, but I had Rugby practice and that is a lot of fun. Rugby is similar to soccer and American football, but you have to pass the ball backwards.

On Friday night I went to a party and had a great time there but Saturday was the best day of my weekend. We drove into Cape Town and went to the Biscuit Mall market, which is an organic market that sells all sorts of products.  One section has street food and I had the most delicious steak sandwich there.  It was awesome. After that we went on the Red Bus.  This is a double-decker bus that you can hop on and off of, and it gives you lots of interesting information about the city. We got home early and everyone went to bed because we were all tired from a long day. On Sunday some family and friends came over and we had a very nice dinner. Today is my exchange host’s birthday and we are going out to dinner to celebrate.