Ongoing adventures of Garrett Furlong in Denmark

“Herluf on the Rocks” was a great experience because there were so many brave students that had prepared a song or even a few different songs to perform in front of everyone. I was tempted to do it but I already feel outside of my “comfort bubble” being at a completely different school.

The food here is very similar to back at home, but it is much more expensive to go out to eat so we usually eat at home. The food usually consists of some sort of meat, potatoes or rice, and vegetables or salad. This is also very similar to the food we get at school, but I happen to like it much better than at Athenian. There are WAY more options.

I forgot to mention a few things about the school. It was originally a Monastery built in the 1100’s but then turned into a school around 1560. This surprised me because while the buildings look extremely old, there are also a lot of modern things on campus. Some include a mini skate park (with a half pipe, a rail and some other ramp), a Ping-Pong table, a foosball table and a pool table.

Last weekend was a long weekend and Peter’s brother and sister came home from College in Copenhagen, so we got to hang out with them.  On Sunday we went to a zoo. This wasn’t any ordinary zoo. You would drive around the zoo in your car.  At each section where certain animals would be, you would enter a gate (in your car) and take a mini tour/path throughout the section with your windows up. In this way we were able to see different animals like tigers and wolves which would originally bite your head off. Other less dangerous animals like giraffes, ostriches, camels, donkeys, llamas, rhinos etc. were all out in the open fields and you would drive by. Except for the rhinos and giraffes, you could get out of your car and go up to the animals and pet them, which was pretty cool. A zoo isn’t exactly the first place I would think of going to while visiting a different country, but it turned out to be a great experience.

This next week is 6 days long, starting today which is Monday and ending Saturday. I’m quite sure there is some event similar to ‘Herluf on the Rocks’ this Saturday night, which should be fun.