AJ Udom arrives in Australia

I landed in Australia on July 23 and was greeted at the airport by Matt, my exchange partner, his mother, and Mr. Stewart from Westminster School.  Immediately I thought they were great and fun people to be around. We went back to Matt’s house and I met his father and his sister, and they are all still great. I found my school uniform in my room and it feels very green. I started school the Tuesday after and also started playing basketball with the school team. The rest of the week went like a normal school week.

On Saturday, we had our first game, which we happened to lose because of the refs. It was still a really fun experience to play. Sunday we went to Cleland Conservation Park, which is a place to find a bunch of Kangaroos and wildlife that isn’t in America. It was amazing. I had so much fun there and even got to pet a kangaroo and a koala. I was scared out of my mind.

I’m having fun out here.  See you on my next blog.