AJ Udom writes from South Australia

I’m having an amazing time here in South Australia. During the week I injured myself a little bit playing basketball, but it’s not a big thing. I wasn’t able to really use my left arm for much for about 3 days, but it’s pretty much healed now.

Over the weekend we went to Kangaroo Island. We arrived on Friday and stayed through to Sunday. Matt and I got the room with the broken heater, so it was pretty cold the whole time. On Friday, we went fishing and caught quite a few fish that no one seemed to know what they were called. On Saturday, we visited the other half of the island and went for some very long walks that most of us complained all the way through. It’s winter over here and there’s hardly any wildlife out doing anything. On Sunday, we visited a farm that was pretty cool. We saw a bunch of kangaroos and Emus and a koala and a few snakes. Not much else happened, but still the trip was fun and the experience was amazing. We just got back and I’m really tired, so off to bed and to get ready to start my last week of school here in Australia.