Tope’s Ongoing Adventures in England

The entire school was required to take part in a singing competition on February 13 and we prepared in the weeks beforehand. All three houses had a house song that they needed to sing and personalize, along with picking a song that was to be performed. My house sang Impossible by James Arthur.  Another house sang Some Nights by FUN and the last house sang I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth and Neil Diamond. On the day of the competition the entire school gathered in the chapel, where each house performed their songs and was judged by the Headmaster and an alumna. Sadly, my house came in last place (we still don’t understand why) but we had the most spirit.

The next day was Valentine’s Day. During chapel, the prefects handed out carnations that students ordered for other students. That night was the Valentine’s Day formal for the entire 6th form (juniors and seniors).  Everyone gets all dressed up in nice dresses and suits and goes down to the library to have drinks and take pictures before going into the dining hall for dinner. In preparation for the formal, a friend and I built an arch for the students to take pictures under. For the formal, each student had an assigned seat and each table had two members of staff. During the formal, we not only ate but we gave a toast to the school and to the Queen of England, and one student gave a speech.

The day after the formal is known as half term (a week long break).  A lot of people went back home, which left the school pretty empty. For half term, I am currently staying with my great aunt who lives right outside of London. To get here I had to take a 30-minute taxi ride then a two-hour train ride down south to London.

While in London, I have explored all of the touristy areas like Oxford Street and the London Eye. I have also been able to meet up with a few students that are staying in London.  We went to Camden Market and took the tube (similar concept to BART) all around London. Later this week, I plan on going back to Oxford Street to go shopping and buy some souvenirs! I head back to school on Sunday night, with only have a few more weeks until my return to the US.

Already, I am starting to feel the sadness that will await me when I leave at the end of March. I have made tons of new friends and many friendships that I know will stay strong even after I leave.