From Lauren at Gordonstoun: Netball Champions!

This past Saturday, the Gordonstoun netball teams hosted a tournament in the sports hall. We have 3 teams at Gordonstoun: the senior team (like Varsity at Athenian), Year 10 team (JV) which I’m on, and Year 9 team (Frosh Soph). The year 10’s did very well, and we won the entire tournament! For the first match we played a team from Inverness and won by a landslide of 51-2. I played Goal Attack and Julia (Australia) played Goal Shoot. We had a rhythm going the whole game and worked really well together. The second match, which due to our enormous lead in the first was the championship, was much closer. We ended up playing the Year 9’s, and beat them 15-7, but had to work much harder for those 15 points. I played Goal Attack the first half and Goal Shoot the second half, with the team deciding to switch it up a bit.

On Sunday we had inter house netball, and Hopeman continued to triumph and won inter house yet again! However, the matches on Sunday were much closer, plus I played against girls who I would usually play with on the Year 10 netball team. We barely beat Plewlands in the first match 8-7, which was close up until the final seconds. The next match against Windmill was also a nail biter, but we prevailed with a 13-10 score. So far, Hopeman has won the squash, volleyball, badminton, cross country, and netball inter house competitions! Inter house has been a highlight while I’ve been at Gordonstoun, plus it’s fun to help contribute to my house’s success.