Lindsay Virgilio is on exchange at Herlufsholm in Denmark

I’ve been here for quite a while now.  I’ve been to Copenhagen a few times.  I’ve walked in the fairy forests. It’s easy to see why H.C. Andersen comes from a place like this.

Arriving here was a struggle. First of all as we missed our initial flight. Meanwhile our luggage was sent on the one we were scheduled to fly.  We made a stop in Frankfurt and that was new as I’ve never been to Germany.

When we arrived it was raining.  The weather continuedLindsay Virgilio 1 like this for a week until we had a festival at school for Spring. I don’t know how to spell it but it sounds like Booulfree.  The day chosen for that was the first Monday I was here. It was probably 23 Celsius, a measurement system I have been slowly adapting to.  When I say it’s 78 degrees at home, people look at me like I’m crazy. (We’d all be dead at 78 Celsius.)

Since then I’ve been to Copenhagen, Roskilde Dormirke, The Kronburg, and various other castles and sights.

Lindsay Virgilio 2Last Saturday I attended a traditional Danish confirmation of a pair of twins.  They sang songs written for the occasion and a family choir performed.  I sat through many Danish speeches.  The people next to me translated anything funny, but mostly I just laughed when they laughed because I had no clue what was going on. I learned that the word ‘Hooray’ actually means ‘Kill Them All!’

They hardly ever serve turkey here, I had it yesterday for lunch in the first time in a month. Since I don’t eat cow or pig meat, I’ve had a real struggle here because mostly everything they cook, eat, or buy is pig or cow.  I’ve been told many times that in Denmark there are fives times as many pigs as citizens.

At any rate, there is much more to tell, but for the sake of brevity I shall leave it there.  The tales will be much funnier when I tell them myself.