Malcolm Scruggs is at Colegio Anglo Colombiano in Colombia

My exchange here at the Colegio Anglo Colombiano has been absolutely fantastic so far. I have really enjoyed my experience. I’ve been here for three whole weeks already and it has gone by really really fast.

I’ve participated in the school’s Oscar event,Malcolm Scruggs 1 gone to a salt cathedral and much more.  The Oscars are an award ceremony mimicking the actual Oscars. The event takes place after the English film unit where all students make a short film. My group and a few others arrived to the event in a pink limo, which was incredibly fun and definitely one of the highlights of my trip. The actual Oscar event was entertaining and fun, but the after-party that followed was definitely way more fun. The other major highlight of my trip so far has been going to the salt cathedral.  The salt cathedral is an old salt mine 200 meters underground that has been converted into a massive cathedral. Of all the touristing I’ve done, going to and exploring the salt cathedral has been my favorite by far.

Malcolm Scruggs 3I’m not even halfway through my exchange and I’ve already had so much fun. I will be going to Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, and Cartagena, which are all beautiful Colombian Malcolm Scruggs 4cities. I also have the Anglo Colombiano prom to look forward to!

My fabulous exchange host Victor Mosquera wishes everyone at Athenian the best, especially Isa and Dom.