Trevor Grauman’s Updates from Australia

Exchange Blog #1

Trevor 3My exchange is almost halfway over and I can honestly say that this trip has been one of the best experiences of my life. The people I’ve met, places I’ve gone, and things I’ve seen have all been phenomenal. My hosts have been so kind and welcomed me into their homes with open arms, as if I were a member of the family. The kids at school have been wonderful. It has been easy to adjust to life here, as well as get to know people. The culture is laid back and most of the people are quite friendly. The teachers are very understanding and the athletics coaches have been very welcoming to me. I’ve become a member of the school soccer team and have enjoyed playing for the school.

I have participated in several experiences Trevor 5unique to the Aussie culture, which includes everything from meat pies to Australian football. I have been able to pet and feed kangaroos as well as koalas. I’ve visited rural farmlands, held sheep, and played hide and go seek in the woods late at night. I’ve toured the city of Adelaide and even watched a soccer game on the Adelaide Oval. Everything from the clothing to the food is slightly different here. I have been introduced to several new desserts, sauces, and dishes (including lamingtons, vegemite, and sausage rolls).

Exchange Blog #2

Trevor 4It’s the last week of my exchange and the end is rapidly approaching. My exchange has gone by in a flash. It feels like I arrived in this wonderful place just the other day. Looking back, my journey feels almost surreal. It’s so tough to put my trip into words. There are too many people I’m grateful to have met and befriended. The other night, I was fortunate enough to try some kangaroo and I absolutely loved it.

As my exchange comes to an end, I have Trevor 1come to appreciate and realize a couple of important things. It’s the little things that have really made the difference. The friendliness of all the students and teachers has been so refreshing, especially when I’m surrounded by people I don’t entirely know. I will never forget the wonderful people who have made my exchange so amazing. I’m grateful to the boys who were awesome enough to accept me as a part of the group and make me feel welcomed. I’m looking forward to intercol and am honestly going to miss this place. Westminster will always have a place in my heart. Up the Gons!

I’m sitting here on my flight back home close to tears. I can’t believe my journey is already over. It seems as if I just arrived the other day! My experience has been one of a fantasy. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe how Trevor 2fantastic my host family has been. Looking back on it, they are what made my exchange everything it was. I’m so blessed to have shared a part of my life with these people and discover new qualities about myself. As I look back at all the photos I’ve collected over the past six weeks, I’m reminded of how many awesome people I’ve met and memories I have made. I had the time of my life while on exchange at the Westminster School in Adelaide, Australia. I encourage anyone who is thinking of apply for an exchange to do it. Exchange is truly a life changing experience.