Timmy Wong says farewell to Perth

Having just arrived back from exchange in Australia, I can say how great an experience it was. Early last year, I was unsure whether I wanted to go on exchange. Looking back now, I can’t imagine not having gone through this amazing experience. From exploring forests to walking though cities, I was always having a good time. Even though Australia is mostly a desert, the coast was full of vibrant beauty and really allowed me to appreciate my surroundings. Every part of the city and its surrounding suburbs had a different feel and character that made the places feel very unique.

Timmy Wong 13In Perth, all of the people are incredibly nice and warmhearted. Everywhere we went we were able to make new friends and form new bonds. People were always looking to have a good time and meet new people. Students from not only my exchange school, Scotch College, but others as well, were always very welcoming to me as well as to the other exchanges. On exchange, the connections that you make become even more precious because you know that it could be a long time before you see them again. I found time to be even more valuable while in Australia and had to make sure that I made the most of it.

Before leaving for exchange, I thought that the most difficult part was going to be adjusting to a new way of living and getting to know people. I could not have been more wrong, as people were so welcoming that it became easy to make new friends. The hardest part was definitely saying goodbye. Even though I only knew these amazing people for six weeks, I found it incredibly difficult to leave. The bonds and friendships that are created through exchange can last a lifetime, and I Timmy Wong 11found myself attached not only to the people, but to Perth as well. Exchange gives you a perspective on a different part of the world. I discovered that everywhere and everyone is amazing in their own way.