Evan Rios arrives in Germany

As I walked outside of the airport, I thought to myself, “It’s not as cold as I thought it would be.” My first two weeks at Birklehof have been very smooth. The first day was probably the hardest one. My luggage came on a different flight and arrived the next day, meaning I had to wear whatever I was wearing on the plane. Once my luggage came, I was able to set myself up in my dorm room and finally relax in fresh clean clothes.

When I arrived in Germany, I had to get used to the language barrier since the main language everyone speaks is German. Most, if not everyone, can communicate in English but only speak in English when needed. Sometimes some of my friends start talking to me in German and I have to remind them that I can only speak English. Settling into the school was comfortable and I did not have any other challenges adjusting to my new life in Germany. The curriculum is similar to Athenian, as well as the campus itself (very outdoorsy). One thing I noticed is that they split your grade up into 2 groups (10A and 10B). Each group has their own different schedule, but everyone in the same group follows the same schedule. Finding my classes wasn’t too hard since I would follow my friends. That made me realize that there isn’t as much freedom to make your own schedule and pick what classes you get to take as Athenian.One of the biggest challenges I had throughout the school day was the time and schedule. Every single day was a different class with different teachers all at different times. What made it more confusing was that my schedule was given to me in German. Sometimes school ended at 7:00 pm and sometimes at 2:00 pm, which was super difficult for me to figure out. After the first week of finding out where all my classes were and time my classes were, I finally was able to settle into Birklehof.

My first experience outside of school was visiting a city near my school called Freiburg. The first thing my friends and I did was visit a massive Catholic church. This was the biggest church I have ever been in. After walking around the city for a while, I realized that almost every single street had a McDonalds. I was super confused because why would you need so many McDonalds in one area? Later in the day, I got to try a Turkish sandwich called a Döner (which tasted amazing). My time in Freiburg was really fun. I certainly will be going there often in my free time or during the weekends.

Being able to experience Germany inside and outside of school with my friends is amazing. Hopefully I can explore more of this beautiful country with the time I have left.