Kyle Van Hoesen says good-bye to Australia

My exchange in Australia was amazing. The people were so cheerful and welcoming, and I enjoyed their accents immensely. I loved my host family, and they showed me so much of Australia’s culture. I found the kangaroos and koalas fascinating. They are both so soft, and the way the kangaroos bounce is adorable. I did not enjoy the snakes and saw 1 more than I was hoping to see. Some of my favorite times were watching footy (AFL, look it up), hiking Mt. Lofty, exploring the city, and taking a trip to Kangaroo Island. The sand dunes, Admirals’ Arch, and Remarkable Rocks were the highlight of KI. We went sledding on the sand dunes and climbing on the Remarkable Rocks. I also liked Australia’s colorful wildlife and plants. I was pleasantly surprised by parrots flying by me in the wild. The city of Adelaide is beautiful and filled with so many parks and built in a wonderful spot. The multicultural city is amazing and I would love to go back.

Westminster was a new and exciting experience for me. Wearing a uniform and calling the teachers by their last names was new and interesting for me. The classes at Westminster are interesting and styled a little differently with more students and lectors. I enjoyed all my classes and found them all to be somewhere different to where I was in my second semester. They group their science and math classes together into mixed curriculum classes. The social aspect of the school was fun with all the new stories and people.

Over all the exchange was very fun and I would love to go back and say “g’day mate” to my host family. I want to especially thank my host family, Phoenix and his parents for a wonderful experience. When I arrived I was greeted by welcoming strangers and when I left I said good bye to a second family. I would recommend going on exchange to anyone who has the opportunity. Life is short and we should take any opportunity that comes our way. I learned so much and I can’t imagine not going.