Essenia Robinson reports from South Africa

So far my exchange experience has been fun, so fun that blog posts were not really on my mind. I have met so many people here and have really broken out of my shell. The first thing I should say is that my exchange Tshedza and I get along really well. She is really funny, we have similar senses of humor, and she planned really fun things for us to do. She has done a great job making me feel welcome and included in the school. It is really nice to have someone else from Athenian go to Stanford Lake College (SLC) with me because I always have a friend. I have gotten really close to some other exchanges, especially one from Spain named Vicky. She and I talk to each other in Spanish a lot. Although the other exchanges here are really fun and cool, I have also made sure to become good friends with a nice chunk of actual students that go to SLC.

Tshedza planned activities for us to do. Those activities take place during the weekend because we are in hostel during the week and at home on weekends. We swam in a cave-like thing that was really cold. We went on a city bus tour of the “City of Gold” which included seeing some museums that were made of historic buildings. When I received news I would be going to South Africa for exchange, I was really excited because one of the reasons I wanted to go was to learn about the history from the perspective of someone more involved instead of just the American perspective. We went to Constitution Hill and saw some incredible pieces of art and I found out that that hill was the place that the government used to hang people if they committed crimes worthy of death.

My exchange is almost over and I do not want to leave. I am having so much fun, I wish it was longer!