Micaela Torres’ Exchange Experiernce

MicaelaMy name is Micaela Torres and I attend Markham College in Lima, Peru. This exchange was a great opportunity to get to know new people around the world and to see how other schools work and have adapted to the circumstances. Personally, I felt really welcomed by the students, teachers, and the whole Athenian staff. During Entrepreneurship class we had to pick our ‘co-founder’ to start a new project for the bimester. It was nice to get along with new people and start talking about our interests, and to then get paired with them to design a product both of us would enjoy.   

I believe the most challenging part of this exchange was the different time zones. Here in Lima, we are 3 hours ahead from California, so sometimes class could start early in the morning for Athenian students, but at lunch time for us. Another challenge could be the way we call the teachers. Here at Athenian, I learned that teachers were called only by their first name, yat my school every teacher is called with a ‘Ms.’ Or ‘Mr.’ and their last name.

Both Athenian and Markham offer after school activities, including, sports, talks, homework clubs, etc. At Athenian the clubs or affinity groups are a great space to connect with others, not only students but also the teachers. At Athenian, there is a wider option of clubs than my school, so I was able to learn new things I don’t normally get the chance to.

Throughout these weeks, I felt great and liked the fact that every Friday all the exchange students had advisory to catch up and just talk about what has been going on. Also, my exchange, Amanda Dornsife, was a great host. We always had a chat and if I had any doubt, I always contacted her. We have a good friendship even though we are still not able to physically meet ourselves, I would love to keep in contact with her.  

Overall, this virtual exchange opportunity was a great way to start the year. Everyone in the school is so welcoming and caring, I can’t wait to physically visit the school!

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